Healing Series starts in:


In this series

We will practice the following modalities...

Somatic Healing

We will learn how to regulate our nervous system with practices such as shacking therapy, self-massage and moving our bodies.

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness

Understanding how to use mindfulness practices when paired with the understanding of trauma.

Yin Yoga/Restorative Therapy

Reclaiming your body by building an intimate relationship with it, to learn how to work with the nervous system and not against it.

Breathing Exercises

Can be an effective tool for self-regulation. These can be used at any moments in your life and by learning how to breath properly, you will feel calmer.

What will I experience?

The holidays can be a very stressful period for some of us, therefore, moving the body can bring regulation to a stressed nervous system. In this series, some of the benefits that you will experience are:



You will learn practical tools to implement daily in your life.


Spiritual Activation

By deepening your spiritual practice, hidden gifts are being activated and your karmic debts are being taken care of.



Some paths that we experience sometimes may feel that we are not ready to walk on, but walk them anyway since awakening happens when we let go, trust and surrender.

Free healing series

Trauma is stored in the body...

You will experience rebirth more than once in this lifetime...

Give yourself the gift of healing by showing up for your beautiful temple.

Hi! I'm Jamie.

Your new Karma Manager.

I teach you tools to heal, activate your spiritual gifts and live an awakened life.

As a Spiritual teacher & Chopra Total Well-Being Coach, I have dedicated my life to studying with world-known mentors in areas such as Vedic Spirituality with Dr. Deepak Chopra and trauma healing with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk to mention a few. My life purpose is to raise and activate these teachings in order to help you see the light in the darkness.

Looking forward to being your spiritual guide...