Free Masterclass:
Healing Conversations with your Inner Child

September 22, 2022 // 8:00 pm AST

Jamie Bareño

Chopra Total Well-Being Coach

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In this masterclass I will cover:

  • Reparenting your inner child
  • Meeting your mystical self
  • Heal and manifest your destiny
  • Live Q & A

Please have a journal and pen nearby as we will be doing some exercises.

Meet Jamie.

Your new Karma Manager. I help and teach you tools to heal trauma, activate your spiritual gifts and live consciously.

As a Chopra Total Well-Being Coach, I have dedicated my life to studying with world-known mentors in areas such as Vedic spirituality and trauma recovery. My life purpose is to raise and activate these teachings in order to help you see the light in the darkness. Looking forward on being your spiritual guide...